“You may not have saved a lot of money in your life, but if you have saved a lot of heartaches for other folks, you are a pretty rich man.”

ZANAMFOUNDATION is helping NGO's to provide basic help to the children

4th October,2021 GHAZIABAD

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a NGO whose basic motive is to help children. They came forward with a goal to provide all help in their hands to help needy kids around them. The foundation was led by (Mohd Zaki). The zeal of helping children is so strong in the people working for the NGO that even the virus could not hold them back.

ZANAM FOUNDATION is assisting NGO's with giving fundamental assistance to the kids

17th October,2021 GHAZIABAD

They assisted the shelters with cash and by giving review materials and stuff like drawing books , learning recordings and different things so that nothing can stop the development of the youngsters living there. Individuals working in the NGO even give their actual presence and draw in themselves with kids by playing with them and engaging in different exercises.

ZANAMFOUNDATION is creating equal opportunities for every kid to grow.

28 November,2021 INDIA

Their sole motive is to provide needy kids with all the basic things that they need to grow and basic hygiene facilities so that they don't have to suffer from diseases. Proper care of their diet is taken; they are given fruits ,juices and what not to maintain a balanced diet.

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a NGO that was set up before pre-pandemic time.

2nd December,2021 INDIA

The NGO's fundamental intention is to help kids. They approached with an objective to give all assistance in their grasp to help penniless children around them. They help kids in the shelter just as kids in the ghetto region. ZANAMFOUNDATION helps these children by giving them food, legitimate asylum, and different offices.

ZANAMFOUNDATION is a home for the children in need.

28th November,2021 INDIA

We have heard of the saying “Unity Is Strength”, members of ZANAMFOUNDATION proved it so. ZANAMFOUNDATION is a non profitable and non governmental organization. The organization was established by Mohd Zaki,who himself belongs to the youth of the country.

ZANAM FOUNDATION is setting out equivalent open doors for each child to develop.

11th November,2021 INDIA

ZANAM FOUNDATION is a non productive, non administrative association (NGO) which helps kids living in halfway house and ghetto regions. The establishment of ZANAM FOUNDATION is driven by Mohd Zaki himself. ZANAM FOUNDATION was set up some time before the world was struck by COVID-19. The enthusiasm of aiding kids is so solid in individuals working for the NGO that even the infection couldn't keep them down.